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So. SGOFU has been reposted to FF.Net as of five minutes ago. It's also now fully revised.

I don't like it, but it's the only place to post it for now. Still looking for alternatives, but I'm not keeping my hopes up too much.

Still. It's back, and that's what counts.

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I was looking through ff.net to find the reposted SGOFU, when I stumbled across this. The author does thank Miss Cam for the permission, but then again, this version is not on Cam's spin-off list...

Could it be that you've continued the other SG OFU? If so, never mind this comment!
Hm, that one's discontinued. When I e-mailed Cam-sensei about doing an OFU for Stargate, she told me there was one up but e-mailed the author if she was still writing it. She said no, so Cam said it was all right to do my own.
Ah, right. Thanks for clearing up!